What is PoSWallet?

There is an abundance of different cryptocurrencies, and many of them follow different rules on how they are/were mined, and some of them follow the principle, that you can earn stakes by just holding on to the coin. For example: If you own some Cryptojacks you will receive more CJs for just holding on to them. There are many coins, which offer you that feature, and having shitloads of different wallets on your device of choice can get annoying fast (diskspace, updating…).

This is where poswallet.com comes in more than handy -> you are able to store and stake (as on 2017-04-03) 105 different coins. Remember that only coins that are stakeable will earn stakes -> if you let your btc sit in there nothing will happen. So you are able to have 105 wallets at the moment, without having to bother about updating them all the time. This not only saves you loads of time setting up wallets, but lots of diskspace as well.

Or in the words of the developer: “The idea behind PoSWallet.com came to the admin when he first started exploring the cryptocurrency universe – more than half of the posts on the forums at the time were questions on how to compile/run the wallets. A single place where everyday folks could invest in altcoins would help bring cryptocurrency to the masses.”

So PoSWallet lowers the bar of getting into cryptos significantly. They also have an exchange on the site, which is still in development somehow, but shows promise, but since i got into poswallet to stake and not to trade, i guess other people are more competent to speak about that. They offer their services for free, but there are memberships as well, though you should not bother getting one (and in fact u cant without some POSW) if you dont want to invest in POSW.


The PoSWallet Team tries to have a faucet for every coin listed, but some of them are empty – either because no one (coin developers! not posw team) wants to spend their coins for the faucet, or simply just because the amount of claims and traffic for some coins is very high, so they run out every now and then.

Every coin listed at poswallet has its own explorer, which comes in handy when waiting for deposits or withdrawls, if you are paranoid or bored.


Oh and they have their own coin -> the posw, which exploded from somewhere between 200-300 to somewhere between 2000-3000 at the moment. So if you were to invest just a little bit at the right time, you would have obtained a substantial profit. But i would not sell POSWs at the moment anyways, but as stated before, i am more interested in staking than trading.



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