Yobit as a faucet

Free Coins at Yobit

Yobit is a very strange site, since it is an exchange, offers you some “free coins” (a faucet which mainly is full of 0.00000001 amounts of coins, which trade for about one sat, but in the upper and lower region of the “free coins” there are some good ones sometimes. And there is the big plus of not having to enter stupid captchas all the time, but once if you just want some fo the good coins and about three to four times if you click yourself through all of them. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though, since time is more valueable than 0.00000001 PWR. But back in the day, like 2 months ago, when the POSW was at about 200 sat, you were able to get some POSW , which would translate to min 2000 sat claims today. Right now at least Espers are in the real area (2 ESP per claim), but the wallet is in maintenance.


And that is one of the main annoyances with yobit, many of their wallets seldomly work, especially if the currency is not traded in high volume, BITB (bitbeans) even withdrew from the exchange. And the first time i wanted to buy BITB over there and being a newbie i didn’t check if the wallet was working, so i bought BITB, saw that the wallet was under maintenance, waited a day, another one, figured it will never work, sold the BITB with a loss and was really annoyed, so yeah, i understand why the BITB Team “depricates” (link to the BITB ANN on bitcointalk.org) them.

Another aspect that makes the site into something else than a normal “trustworthy” exchange, is the option to gamble (yeah not only on someone believing you when you are telling your coin is the best around and will rise into heaven, whilst making minimal automated buys) in dice and some pony betting game, which at least sounds interesting. Since i personally do not trust casinos – not that exchanges are far better of, but a little – that depleted my trust into yobit alongside all the never functioning wallets. And yes i tried dicing, since some of the freecoins are really nothing more than playmoney, and i won and lost a little, but it is neither a 100% working (like all the wallets) exchange nor a casino, since dicing at double payout just leads to martingale, which leads to losing.

So if you want to buy some coins on yobit -> check the wallet first!

If you want to gamble -> go to a real casino site (probably gonna do an article about them as well)

If you just want to get some freecoins to transfer into your posw account yobit is ok.



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