PosW and PosWallet.com Stats

Poswallet.com supports 124 different coins, has above 40000 users, 1361 members on slack and 17655 pool users. The Posw Coin is traded on mainly on poswallet, yobit and livecoin, but there is some trade happening on cryptopia and ccex as well, and it would be accepted on cryptodao and nova.

Whilst the posw coin has steadly decreased in its market cap and ranks ever lower in the marketcap comparisons (rank 142) and has gone away from the top 100 consequently, the Poswallet exchange is ranking in the top 100 and is always closer to getting one place more in front than falling back, this will translate in dividends and therefore in some higher market cap again (0,2% of all the trades is collected in fees and the profits will be dividends) by itself.

There are no informations on how many members poswallet.com has and the only way of counting them from outside would be by colors in the trollbox, so yeah this stat would arguably – since it is said that some bonus came from membership purchases – be interesting and good for site and coin but why should there be interest in spreading the word…

And last but not least from the approx 6,500,000,000 coins staked in total 2.5% (~162,500,000) were obtained by poswallet for their services and whilst 0.5% are said to be redirected towards faucets – interesting why every fucking faucet is empty then – 2% are kept for keeping the site and wallets running and profit. So since the cryptomarkets are nice to some of the coins at poswallet [mostly those who care to market their shit] some profit has to be gained from those as well. So all in all i would say the stats are looking good. With every normal comapny i would say – invest in them, they are good technicians with aboslutely no idea of marketing and their efforts will show for themselves ->

 but since the poswallet team asked people on slack to donate for their “marketing-efforts” for cryptodao i got incredibly enervated. Get your fucking balances straight. Marketing is not a charity. And just use your magic bonus posw fund for that instead of annoying already annoyed people…

Anyways the next dividends will tell a lot about the direction posw is going.

[and i am really afraid that this fucked up not telling anyone how anything is calculated will translate into a posw of around 2.5k sat after the next – probably high – dividends, because posw always manages to translate success into a loss, since their transparacy and balances are as comprehensible as socialist government owned operations]



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