Just my two cents

The Decision to delist most of the coins on poswallet.com was sound. The Dividends are as fucked up as always. And somehow there might be marketing in the future maybe eventually.

Delisting of coins

So this decision lead to quite some unrest in the community. This is understandable if u saw poswallet.com as a “bank” for your savings to be held and staked. And this was undeniably one of the motivations for people to join and this was encouraged for some time as well (from people like me with faucet lists for poswallet.com as well as from the devs, why else was the integration of ever more coins – quantity over quality – which was in the goals taking place until mid of may). So, yes, i get it why people are a little upset, but i absolutely do not understand why people see a bigger problem in the delisting than the losses on the staking part of the site with exactly the same coins.

So if you do not hold posw on poswallet.com this decision is not for your liking, and i get that, and of course this is bad for you, but it is not psowallets fault that some coins are just not profitable. But it is poswallets fault if the posw is low. And that is why they acted and why the decision was right. The basis of posw is the site and its success. So if the site is generating losses and those can be dealt with through some “cuts” – or delistings – this decision is just not really up for – at least a business – discussion.

And just take a look on some of the more aggressive posts on bitcointalk/trollbox/slack about how bad poswallet supposedly is, because 50cents. And then imagine how those people are flooding support and how “nicely” they behave there. So this coins were not only generating losses, but also quite a senseless workload in the sense of support tickets.

And on the trust argument – i regained my trust by exactly that decision, because now i am able to see how this site can generate profits again.


I just do not want to spend too much time on this matter, but i stand by my point, that i like a dividend system that is more like pos, but as long as this mysterious lottery algorithm is not disclosed, i think we should just be happy to get an unintelligble bonus.


On Slack there is a discussion about crowdfunding a marketing campaign, i do not really care how the funds are developed, but at least someone is talking about marketing. The dividends would bear a marketing potential, but right now i think this could be used better if the devs just decided to make a real lottery or just disclosed their algorithm. The ETH integration is moving forward faster than predicted and rumours are stating that we could see eth integrated in about 4-6 weeks, or that the process is 80% complete. Rumours, but from credible sources. The masternodes are coming, though no price info, and right now you can read everything from 25k to 250k to 500k, the sites ui will be improved by professionals and the roadmap will be updated.

So i stand with my point from quite some time ago, that posw finally needs to fix their marketing attempts, because there are so fucking many positive things going on with posw and just the negative annoyances get an audience.


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