Good News  has improved its user friendliness, communicates more and better, took some important and right decisions in favor of profitablity and therfore will rise again.

So what to make out of their statement:

“Block explorer 2 has finally finished and it will be up and running this weekend

This will increase trust and predictabilty of some trades, since everyone will be able to monitor large transactions if they care to keep some lists on the big accounts. Since trust is one of the most important pillars of cryptos, this should take posw a little higher

“After many user requests, minimum withdrawal amounts have been removed! Withdrawals must be greater than the transaction fee in order to proceed”

So yeah, i do not think that anyone can coherently argue about  stealing coins anymore. This is a big plus on the user friendliness, since the team changed a decision in favor of the community, which just shows how activly the team – and now even with marketing – is involved in the project and that being an active user of is the way to influence decisions. How many projects are out there, which change decisions after they got called almost everything in the book just because it was the right thing to do. Come on guys, everyone knows about some crypto devs being immune to  counsel, ours are obviously not. More trust and user friendliness – higher posw incoming

We have refunded all paid votes from the add coin section

So trust again. I know it was just the right thing to do, but hey i like them doing the right thing. And thats what posw and are doing now, starting to communicate the very basic – but not self-evident – right decisions of poswallet instead of doing the right thing but not worrying to tell anyone. So my biggest critique of to less marketing gets smaller every day and as always:




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