PoSWallet2.0 update

It has been confirmed on slack by a teammember, that PoSWallet 2.0 will be launched for beta-testers on the upcoming weekend. There is one “if” – the admin might have to go on a work trip to eastern europe, which would lead to PoSWallet2.0 being released one week later.

Of course the earlier the better, but launching a new site without the admin would be worse than waiting, since i am pretty sure, that this beta will be lika all betas and need admin support.

Other PoSWallet-news

PoSWallet.com has more than 32.000 stake-pool-users and there are 1777 members on slack. The slack is getting out of hibernation again, and the overall tone changed during the last few days to the positive, so the community starts rebuilding its circles for the upcoming price-movements. During the last week the admin, main support and our favorite colleague have been available on slack, so those are still alive as well and coming back from the programmers and designers dungeon for PoSWallet 2.0.

For the following part i am in USD and not btc, since there are quite some problems qith normal currency comparisions, but with a btc as volatile as in fork times, i personally think the USD is better for comparison for July at least. The price and volume of posw have been rather low with one exception midst-July when the volume sprang from 10-20k (which was the norm in July) to 325k USD, which gave the coin a boost to 0,08 USD, which quickly went back to 0,04 and had its low at slightly above 0,03 USD. With the upcoming news, as well as more security through the ledger wallet, the price started moving again and is about 0,05 USD now. Its alltime peak was about 0,23 USD in April with a max volume of slightly above 800k USD.

It is traded (atm) on c-cex, coinexchange.io, cryptopia, livecoin, novaexchange and yobit and almost exclusivly in btc, but is tradeable in eth, ltc, doge, crbit, xmr, dash and icn as well as in USD, RUR and EURO. This of course is far from perfect (being listed at trex or polo would be great), but more possibilities to trade and invest in posw than in April, so it got better anyways.

The dividend system gets overhauled again, but since only adresses within PoSWallet.com will be eligible for dividends, this will make the calculation and disbursement easier and hopefully put an end to the dividend chaos of the last few months. ETH (when going pos) Integration is finished and will be introduced alongside with PoSWallet 2.0. And the community started talking and funding(?), at least talking, about combined marketing efforts, which will give a small boost anyhow, because a vivid community always attracts more investors.

So what is the conclusion on all those snippits of information? The same as yesterday mainly but with one extra step 😉

-> Buy now

-> Stake them

-> ??? (in that case wait for the launch of PoSWallet 2.0)

-> Profit



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