More things PoSW

Let’s start the hot phase to PoSWallet 2.0 by analyzing what ledger means for PoSW.

Ledger is a french company specialized in hardware-wallets and supports very few coins up until now. Those are

  • Bitcoin ($57,390,144,868 market capitalization from cmc 2017-08-08 11:15)
  • Ethereum ($26,026,112,847)
  • Ripple ($6,903,847,075)
  • Bitcoin Cash ($5,409,157,267)
  • Litecoin ($2,438,530,778)
  • Dash ($1,486,762,009)
  • Ethereum Classic ($1,455,698,288)
  • Stratis ($776,649,955)
  • Zcash ($410,717,133)
  • Dogecoin ($218,582,027)
  • Komodo ($107,783,559)
  • PoSW ($2,137,095)

So say what you want about PoSW, but ledger does not have any interest in tarnishing its reputation by adding a low volume low market cap coin if they did not see its potential as well. Ledger is making a living by selling its hardwarewallets. So it wants to sell the potential maximum of course and why would they add a coin for which they would not see a growing market. I personally think it is amazing how little influence the ledger wallet had on the price, since other coins saw an increasing price just by adding ledger as a very good security (differences of wallets –  measure. And that everyone caring to see which coins are supported by ledger now sees a strange low cap coin is very good exposure. Anyways my point being -> If you trust ledger, the trust in PoSW should increase with the hardwarewallet. More exposure, more potential holders. And it has not influenced the price recognizably.

This alone should be enough of an argument for buying cheap PoSW right now before PoSWallet 2.0. But there are other interesting factors to be taken into account. The current max in coins is 70.000.000 and the floating supply is slightly above 44mio. This is enough coins to make trading far more scalable than in btc and will be of good use when the exchange goes back online (which presumably will be alongside the PoSWallet2.0 launch, not necessarily with beta though). Since within the pos-community (within the cryptocommunity) there are plenty of coins, which have insanly high amounts of coinsupply, which are getting hard to measure with btc at 3.5k cause jumps between 1 sat and 2 sat are just by far bigger than a change from 0.00875 posw to 0.00876 posw. Sounds very simple, is very simple, but simple is perfect for trading. And therein lies another big time reason to buy posw now – as soon as the exchange goes back on and people will flock to try it (at least i am excited about it going back on with a better gui) and start trading again. Something new is almost always exciting anyways. And never forget that the dividends are based on the profit of and that comes from staking, but also from the exchange.

So lets summarize:

  • Ledger supports 12 coins with a market cap of   $102,626,122,901
  • The Coin (Komodo) next to PoSW has about 50 times its market cap
  • Ledger is a profitoriented company, they obviously see potential in PoSW
  • PoSW is cheap during the transition to PoSWallet 2.0


So buy PoSW now, stake them, wait for PoSWallet2.0 (the beta will make the price go parkinsons from marketing to fud, great time for traders) and get your profit








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