PoSWallet News 2017-08-10

Update on the launch-date, fixing of a bug and some stats

The launch of PoSWallet2.0 is still set for the upcoming weekend, but the admin is not entirely sure if he can make it and says worst case it will take a few more days (so i guess the next weekend then). This – as stated yesterday in scenario 1 – does not change too much, but i am positivly surprised that it was communicated beforehand and not just on saturday.

A staking bug at cv2, which lead to staking fees up to 16%, got fixed. This was only possible since a community member was calculating the rates, and found that there was something wrong. After reporting the incident – and a little waiting time – the bug got fixed and a bounty was offered. This by itself is not very newsworthy, but how and that this worked, leads me to believe that communications and community building – though far from perfect – improved. This will come in handy when PoSWallet2.0s beta will be launched, since people now saw that there is a way to handle problems without shouting scam on the one hand and without being called a fudder for reasonable complaints/suggestions on the other.

And finally some stats from the last few days:

Posw started its current increase on Saturday (2017-08-05) and has been going up from 0.035 USD/1220sat  to 0.05 USD/1500sat with two peaks, the first peak on sunday (2017-08-06) at 0.058 USD/1821sat and the second one on wednesday (2017-08-09) at 0.057 USD/1732sat. PosW got into the biggest gainers at cmc on both peak days and on sunday even within the top10 for a short amount of time. Since Wednesday posw never was beyond 0.05 USD or 1500sat and the volume(24h) increased from 10k saturday morning to 35k now (2017-08-10) with one low-volume-day back at 10k on tuesday (2017-08-08).

If PoSWallet2.0 will not be launched on the upcoming weekend, there will be not too much of a change in the stats, but when it launches the possibility of another April surge (max volume 800k USD, price at 0,23USD/20000sat) is fully given. Anyways now is the time to accumulate.



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